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4 Recommendations to Take Care of Your Gums

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4 Recommendations to Take Care of Your Gums

Everything we eat directly affects the health of our mouth. These eating habits will give you extra protection to take care of your gums:

  • Consuming foods that provide vitamin C helps strengthen immunity. Among them, orange, tangerine, lemon, and vegetables such as pepper.
  • Foods that contain calcium help strengthen the teeth, including: Greek yogurt, white cheese, chickpeas, broccoli. Apart from being healthy and helping your body.
  • Consuming vitamin D, we can receive it from the sun but it is also important to receive it from blue fish sources such as tuna and salmon. This vitamin helps our teeth and gums to be more resistant to diseases.
  • Stop drinking acidic drinks with a high sugar content. This type of drink damages the enamel of the teeth.

Take note of these recommendations to continue taking care of your smile. If you currently have bleeding in your gums after eating or brushing your teeth, you can contact us so that we can take care of your home. We are always ready to help you.

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