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What are veneers?

Veneers are custom-designed covers that fit snugly onto your teeth one by one. These porcelain or resin-based caps are highly beneficial for:

  • Covering fractures and chips
  • Correcting misshapen teeth
  • Whitening your smile
  • Closing up gaps

Plus, veneers are stain-resistant, meaning coffee, red wine, and other vibrant drinks and foods won’t lead to discoloration. Veneers can even help correct minor misalignment issues, so your teeth appear straighter.

In addition to all of these benefits, because veneers reflect the natural properties of your teeth, they look and feel entirely natural.

How are veneers applied?

When you come into Judy Mejido DMD PA for your veneers consultation, you meet with a cosmetic dentist who talks with you about your concerns. They may gather some in-office digital X-rays in addition to performing an oral exam to determine if veneers are right for you.

The next step involves designing your treatment plan. Getting veneers usually takes about 2-3 visits. During your preparation appointment, your dentist carefully removes a very thin layer of tooth enamel. This step makes a clean slate in which veneers can snugly bond into place.

After prepping your teeth, you may get a set of temporary veneers to protect your teeth as the dental lab fabricates your new veneers. Within a few weeks, your veneers are ready, and you can come back into Judy Mejido DMD PA to get your veneers bonded into place.

Are veneers permanent?

Veneers themselves aren’t permanent; they can break and fall off, especially if you don’t practice good oral hygiene and have twice-a-year checkups. With proper care, veneers can last at least 10-15 years.

It’s important to note that while veneers aren’t permanent, the preparation process is permanent. Because your dentist at Judy Mejido DMD PA has to remove small amounts of tooth enamel, you need to replace your veneers any time they wear down or fall off.

Call the office or use the online booking tool to schedule your veneers consultation at Judy Mejido DMD PA today.

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