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healthystart orthodontics

What is the HealthyStart orthodontics system?

The HealthyStart system is a series of soft removable orthodontic appliances for children. Your child wears these comfortable non-invasive appliances either overnight or for a few hours a day.

HealthyStart appliances can help your child’s mouth develop properly while avoiding long-term oral health problems that require extensive treatment. This system is typically best for children between 4-12.

What problems does HealthyStart treat?

HealthyStart can straighten teeth without braces while overcoming sleep disordered breathing.

Teeth straightening

HealthyStart treatment starts early before your child’s teeth grow into the wrong positions. The system helps to guide your child’s teeth into the ideal alignment as they develop. That can prevent the need for braces later.

Sleep disordered breathing

Sleep disordered breathing means problems such as mouth breathing or other irregular breathing overnight. It affects 9 in 10 children today.

Airway disruption while sleeping can lead to a long list of problems, including:

  • Bed wetting
  • Restlessness
  • Allergies
  • Nightmares
  • Snoring
  • Aggressive behavior
  • Poor school performance

Children with sleep disordered breathing are more than 12 times as likely to develop ADD/ADHD.

Teeth positioning and sleep disordered breathing often go hand-in-hand, as too-narrow dental arches can impede airway development. The HealthyStart system corrects both issues at once.

What are the phases of HealthyStart treatment?

There are generally three phases to treatment, including:

Habit corrector

The habit corrector helps eliminate problems like thumb sucking and tongue thrusting. Children wear it overnight.

Second phase

The second phase appliance helps stimulate healthy breathing while shifting baby teeth to their optimal positions. Your child wears this overnight appliance for a couple of hours during the day also.

Third phase

The third phase appliance starts after your child has a minimum of four adult teeth. It ensures that all additional adult teeth erupt in the ideal positions to promote a straight smile. HealthyStart works best when children start early and complete all three phases of treatment.

Do straight baby teeth turn into straight adult teeth?

Unfortunately, straight baby teeth don’t mean your child will have properly aligned adult teeth. Baby teeth are far smaller than permanent ones, which means that there’s sometimes too little room for adult teeth to erupt.

Adult teeth often compensate for this by rotating, leading to misaligned teeth. HealthyStart avoids this by gently guiding adult tooth eruption and naturally widening the arches.

Help your child get a healthy start on straight teeth with HealthyStart orthodontics. Call Judy Mejido DMD PA or use online booking today.

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