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CEREC crowns

What are CEREC crowns?

CEREC is a groundbreaking tooth restoration method. The team at Judy Mejido DMD PA uses advanced computer-assisted design and manufacturing to produce your new CEREC crowns in the office.

With traditional dental crowns, your dental impressions go to a dental lab, and it takes a couple of weeks (and at least two dental office visits) to get your new crown. With CEREC, you get your new crown in one visit with no waiting time.

When do I need CEREC crowns?

Although a filling is usually the first choice for small areas of tooth decay, you may need a crown in situations where your tooth’s broken, cracked, weak, or badly damaged. CEREC crowns cover your entire tooth, just like traditional crowns.

CEREC crowns can resolve issues like toothaches, tooth sensitivity, and tooth instability while preserving the healthy part of your natural tooth.

How does the CEREC crown process work?

The CEREC crown process happens in one visit to Judy Mejido DMD PA. Steps include:

Tooth preparation

The first step is a local anesthetic, which keeps your tooth numb during treatment. Then, your dentist preps your tooth by removing any decayed or damaged part of the tooth.

Tooth impressions

The optical impression involves a digital camera scan — no messy molds. The scan produces a 3-D image of your tooth, which works as the blueprint for your new crown.


The on-site CEREC milling unit fabricates your new restoration using a ceramic block that matches your natural tooth color.

Crown placement

After you try on the new crown for fit, your dentist polishes it and permanently bonds it to your tooth.

The team at Judy Mejido DMD PA uses the same CEREC process to make onlays.

What are the advantages of CEREC crowns?

CEREC offers many advantages, including:

  • Custom crowns in about an hour
  • No messy or awful-tasting impressions
  • No temporary crowns CEREC preserves the natural tooth as much as possible
  • No follow-up appointment
  • Realistic looking crown or onlay

CEREC crowns last for many years when cared for properly. CEREC crown exams are always part of your checkups in the future, so you can make sure the crown or onlay protects your tooth effectively long-term.

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