Aldana Fernandez


Aldana Fernandez

Front Desk Administrator

Growing up, children tend to feel their superheroes’ pain and emotions as if they were their own. As a child, my greatest inspiration was my mother. As beautiful as she was in my eyes, my mother spent her entire life struggling with her smile. Watching her constantly cover her mouth when she laughed, or never wanting to take pictures, I always wished I could give her the gift to smile freely with no insecurities. After my mother got sick, I started to realize the importance of health care providers who truly care about their patients, and began to see the difference in providers who solely commit to putting their patients first. Today at 21 years old, I find myself grateful to be on this journey in an office with others who share the same passion I do – impacting every patient we come across, as I honor the person whose smile I couldn’t.

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