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How Dental Scans Are Used to Make Custom Same Day Crowns

Same Day Crowns are becoming more common in dentists’ offices. When you understand more about how this process works, it makes sense why so many people are choosing it. If you have a broken, worn or weak tooth, crowns can restore it and strengthen it. Thanks to imaging advances, you can get your crown in just one day instead of waiting a few weeks.


The many uses of crowns

From both oral health and cosmetic standpoints, crowns are useful restorative treatments. Some patients may choose a same day crown to cover up badly discolored teeth. Another person may elect to get a crown because of excessive wear on a molar. More often, dentists use this procedure to prevent a tooth from breaking or to strengthen one after a root canal. Crowns are also the final step after a patient gets dental implants.

The advantages of same day crowns over the traditional type

Anyone who has ever gotten a conventional crown understands how long this process can take. Some people may get frustrated at having to wait a few weeks in between appointments while waiting for the lab to make the crown. Same day crowns do not require multiple visits. Unlike traditional ones, these crowns are made in the dentist’s office during the patient’s one and only visit.

The time factor is not the only reason why people select these crowns over their counterparts. Same day crowns are even more natural-looking than the conventional type. The imaging equipment can capture every depression and groove of the tooth. A milling unit then accurately carves a block of ceramic into the crown.

Using 3-D pictures

While traditional crowns use X-rays and putty molds to guide the creation of the cap, same day crowns have a different approach. The dentist will use computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing to make the crown faster and more precise. Using 3-D software, the dentist will capture images of the patient’s teeth with an infrared camera and put the pictures on a screen. The data then goes to the milling unit, which runs at a high speed to create the crown.

The rest of the process

The dentist or an assistant will paint the tooth the right color. It is then polished to look as much like the patient’s natural teeth as possible. Once the crown is ready, the dentist will numb the patient. When the person is comfortable, the dentist will reshape the tooth so the cap fits. Using dental cement, the dentist places the crown over the affected tooth and sets it. The dentist will check to make sure it fits well and that the patient has a good bite.

Look good with your new smile

You no longer have to go into the dentist’s office multiple times to get your crown. With same day crowns, you can repair your damaged or weak tooth in a single appointment. Your dentist will use the highest technology to ensure that you get the smile you have been looking for. Speak to a dentist near today about starting this process.

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